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In-House Services
At our shop in Sterling Heights, MI, Compton's Quality Group offers:

Manual Sorting/Containment - Our methods are tried and true and our reputation for quality is among the best you'll find anywhere. We have dedicated (and continue to dedicate) countless hours to improving, revising, and auditing our manual sorting operation in order to ensure that absolutely NO defective material makes it to an assembly line. Our facility offers above the industry standard in sorting service. We have specially outfitted our building with high efficiency lighting, state of the art custom sorting tables, and streamlined processes, resulting in a precise and efficient work system.

Automated Sorting - Keeping true to our history of quality, we continually audit and test our automated fastener sorting machines to ensure the highest quality standards are met. We use vibratory feeding systems to pass each part in front of camera systems which are set up to exclude certain defects. Using state of the art equipment and strict, quality-conscious procedures, we can safely assure you that our automated sorting system outputs ZERO defective material. While our capabilities are currently limited by part size and criteria complexity, we continue to investigate new and varied equipment in order to handle a broader array of materials.

Assembly - Compton's also does assembly and kitting. Each assembly project that we undertake is given the same amount of care and attention that is truly needed for a successful project. We understand that each assembly project is unique and requires separate controls, inventory, equipment, and processes. Please contact us to find out more specific capabilities or just to investigate if outsourcing the assembly of your products / kits can save you money!

Rework / Repair - Not all rejected material needs to be thrown in the recycling bin. Many items such as burrs, partially filled holes, improper installations, or other such correctable mistakes can be fixed. Ask us if we can help save time and money by repairing damaged parts.

Packaging - Packaging can sometimes be a costly, labor intensive process for our customers. At Compton's, we can help by pre-purchasing your packaging materials and drop shipping finished goods to their end location, and by charging by the part (NOT by the hour) you can have predictible costs that vary only by quantity. We can also work with you to find automated alternatives to manual packaging. Being located in Sterling Heights, it is often very inexpensive for our customers to have their product packaged at our shop right after coating. We can label, wrap, palletize, and ship your parts to their final destination

On-Site Services
Compton's Quality Group also specializes in on-site work, especially defective material containment in a production setting. In many situations, it is necessary for containment sorting, repair work, part / lot verification, and other quality procedures to be performed out in the field, either at our customer's facilities, or at their customer's facilities all without shutting down any operations. Compton's Quality Group is always on call and ready to provide staff in such situations. We keep travel bags of sorting essentials handy, in order to be prepared for any on site sorting that may be necessary. Rest assured that all of our staff are well trained in the intricacies of blending in and operating in customer facilities without disrupting work flow. Another benefit that Compton's can offer is easy hourly pricing on-site. There will be no hidden supervisory, administrative, or material costs for normal sorting operations unless specifically requested and negotiated beforehand with our customers.

Since trucking is not our business, we charge only our costs for trucking jobs that are processed by Compton's. We can take care of scheduling trucks, getting quotes, filling out ASN's, generating and organizing shipping documents, and basically everything involved in the shipping process. Our facility has a double truck well loading dock for quick loading/unloading of parts with a full weather enclosure to ensure product protection from the elements. We can appreciate that some jobs need to be done as soon as possible, so we will do our best to meet your dynamic and unique schedule.

Customer Representation
A highlight to the Compton's Quality Group scope of services is customer representation for all current clients. We will represent our customer to their clients, for any production job sorted by Compton's Quality Group. We believe strongly the importance of maintaining good working relationships up and down the "food chain" of suppliers and customers. We also understand the market specific inner workings of the automotive industry with over 35 years of experience dealing with the "Big 3".

Quality Liaison Services
Compton's Quality Group, Inc. can provide quality liaison services to all of our clients. We have the experience necessary to make critical quality decisions on behalf of our clients and have the industry knowledge to make the right choices and take the necessary course of action in any situation.
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