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We're Always Improving
Our automated fastener inspection is an extremely usefuly and affordable tool for our customers from both a marketing (can offer products that are 3rd party verified) and quality perspective. We have recently increased our capacity and availability for automated fastener inspection. Ask us for a quote today!
We have also increased our kit assembly scope with capability and capacity to manage kitting processes and supplies in a more efficient and streamlined manor.
As always, we continue to improve our industry-leading on-site inspection processes by adding additional personnel and maintaining our training and monitoring programs. We might not be as large as many of the "big name" on-site inspection companies, but we have the knowledge, staff, and experience to make us a far better option for any jobs within our service area.

This website will continue to be updated in order to adequately reflect any changes. Please contact us at (248) 338-0762 if you have any questions or comments and continue to check back for the latest announcements.

A Proven Leader:
Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and engineers turn to Compton's Quality Group with confidence. As a well established company with a proven track record, CQG can always provide state-of-the-art inspection services to just about any industry. While our expertise lies in automotive fasteners, Compton's has effectively served many other manufacturing sectors as well including plastics companies, wiring & circuitry manufacturers, parts distributors, metal coating and plating companies, and more.
Our commitment to quality, our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients, and our deep knowlege of the manufacturing and material handling process is the reason our customers choose Compton's.
Our obsessive quest for perfection, our constant systemic and procedural updates, and our strict attention to every detail is the reason our customers continue to bring us their inspection projects.

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